Moomin Friendship Pitcher 1L - B01CVKMMLG

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  • Design: Tove Slotte/Elevant

  • Material: Stoneware (Vitro Ceramic)

  • Care: Dishwasher Safe

  • Features: oven-, microwave-, freezer-safe

  • The Moomin are cool in Finland. In Finland, The large Moomin world Turku near in the town Naan Tali. In Helsinki and other cities there's this Moomin shops.This Finnish cult figure with the sweet and quirky films is only eligible for products Insidern in Germany. Suitable for children and to be some video on your television, repeat. Tove (Marika) Jansson has 1953 on for stimulating by Tolkien and Carrol their first Moomin stories. Thanks to the Japanese animated series are the Moomin been well-known ever since. The Moomin/Moomin are small Nilpferdähnliche trolls, the Live Together peacefully with your friends. The main characters are Snork, Snorkmaiden, small hat, Snufkin and many others. Experience a lot of fun and adventure together. Driver Stinki and around Morra ensure that it is never boring. The crockery Matching items from the series is available from the Scandinavian market leader for crockery Arabia (Sister company by iittala)

    Moomin Friendship Pitcher 1L - B01CVKMMLG