Norwich lifestyle photographer

  Sometimes, when working as a professional photographer, Norwich weather tends to dictate how I approach a photoshoot. As much as I love the occasional windy or rainy day it can impact on an organised event and throw even the most straightforward of shoots into complete confusion.

   Of course, the same is true of conditions no matter where you are in the world with a fine example being provided by this series of photos which were taken in Latvia's capital city of Riga.

   Not just the weather was against me on this occasion as I was surrounded by several tower blocks with very little in the way of natural light from where to compose a suitable setting.

   In order to make the most of the day I used a collection of flashguns to imitate a warm atmosphere as well as choosing just the right angles so as to provide a green and inviting backdrop.

   It's challenges like these that make my life interesting as a professional photographer. Norwich, Riga or wherever I find myself, I need to make the best of the surroundings and conditions in order to accentuate the positives that lie behind every photograph.

   If you'd like to put me to the test then please don't hesitate to get in touch as, come rain or shine, I'll be there to help you capture a moment no matter what the day brings.

Magic Moments Part Two

  Earlier in the year I published a post about what a pleasure it was to work as a professional photographer. Norwich has an abundance of lovely people that want to have their photograph taken and sometimes I'm privileged enough to be asked to participate in a follow up photo shoot.

   Parents-to-be, Veronika and Sheridan, first came to me in May 2014 and I was delighted to be able to welcome them back half year on, this time accompanied by their bubbly baby daughter Kira.

   It was plain to see the unbridled happiness that mum and dad exuded throughout the morning and from the backdrop of my home studio to the ancient city walls, I feel like I caught a fantastic series of shots that will stay with this wonderful young family for many more years to come.

   Although I always remain professional as a photographer, Norwich definitely brings out an emotional side to my character and whether it's the people or the places, one thing is for sure, I really feel happy working here and can't wait to start my next project, wherever it may lead.

   If you'd like to participate in a photo shoot of your own, with or without a baby, then please feel free to get in touch. Many thanks for your interest, Reinis.

Norwich lifestyle photographer.

    Sometimes when working as a Norwich portrait photographer I feel like I need eyes in the back of my head as from finding the right lighting to keeping up with my subjects, you really have to be on the ball to capture the perfect moment.

   This was certainly the case when I met parents Steve and Kerry who had requested a photo shoot with their wonderful daughter Olivia.

   After deciding upon Lion Wood as a suitable backdrop I got snapping however, it wasn't long before I realised that Olivia's boundless energy levels would shape the mood far more intuitively than anything else I had planned.

   From playing with passing dogs to clambering over fallen trees, Olivia's enthusiasm for life was simply infectious and within no time at all we were all laughing and enjoying the moment without worrying too much about trying to keep her still and posing for the camera.

   Wherever kids are involved fun-filled freedom is never far behind and it was thanks to Olivia that I was able to find the right balance of happiness and creativity that led to an extremely natural series of shots.

   Experiences like this make me really proud to be a photographer. Norwich is blessed with so many wonderful characters and interesting stories, and it's through meeting and photographing people like Steve, Kerry and Olivia that I thank my lucky stars that I came to be able to live and work here.

   If you're interested in finding out more about me or having your own photo shoot in Norwich then please get in touch via my contact page. Thanks very much, Reinis. 

Getting The best from a subject and setting.

Norwich portrait photographer.

When I met the subject of these photographs, Melisa, it was in Limbazi, a characterful medieval town in northern Latvia.

She was as shy as a mouse at first however, after we got chatting and I got snapping, she started to relax which helped me to take some really pretty photographs within a beautiful environment.

As almost half of Latvia is covered in forests it seemed natural to include a glade or two as a backdrop to our photo shoot and I think the magic of the area really aided in setting the scene and conjuring up a series of almost elfin-like images.

Traveling to a country like Latvia is always a joy for me and seeing Melisa come out of her shell and enjoying the experience was just another reason why I just love photography so much.

 If you ever get the chance to visit Latvia I recommend a polarizing filter to get the absolute best out of the country's stunning landscapes. And if you're looking for a fantastic alternative to the bright lights of Riga try heading about 50 miles to the northeast and you definitely won't be disappointed. 

Magic moments

One of the great things about being a professional Norwich photographer is that I get to meet some truly remarkable people. Take for instance parents-to-be Sheridan and Veronika who showed up at my home studio one afternoon in May 2014.

Expecting their first baby and bubbling over with good vibes and happiness, this was one of my favorite photo shoots and I think their love for life and each other really shines through.

Since we worked together: mother, father and baby are doing just fine and I'm proud to be able to call these guys my friends, as well as having been able to create a fantastic set of images to remind them how they felt at that special moment.

If you're interested in finding a photographer, Norwich is the perfect place to start as this is where I call my home so please feel free to get in touch and let's make things happen.